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My Meriter Story

Meriter Staff is an Amazing Example of Great Care

I hope if I ever have to have another surgery it can be done here at Meriter. This was my sixth leg surgery and my first time even being in your hospital. Immediately I was met by Marilyn who got me ready for surgery. She was kind, informative and comforting. Mike was my surgical nurse and was not only funny but obviously well liked. Everyone involved really made me feel comfortable and not like I was just another patient. I had Jenicka after surgery and she made sure to get my family to me so I wasn't alone. Dr. Turnipseed knows his stuff but is busy. It was nice to have Stan Maier try to explain what was done after surgery--and yes I remembered. He has made me a personal project so to speak and for all these obvious kind gestures towards myself and my family I'm eternally grateful. As a disabled police officer I understand how hard it can be to make each case feel personal, but these individuals are amazing examples of what I hope each health care professional will treat those that seek them out for help. I am not done I guess, but it won't be as hard to proceed knowing this staff truly cares. 

My sincerest thanks!

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