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My Meriter Story

Compassionate Care at Meriter

I have always had extreme trepidation about visiting hospitals, especially since I have had no health insurance for over a decade now--even with three part-time jobs. So when I slipped on the ice in January, heading to teach on the first day of classes, I was not only in a great deal of pain and worried about making it through the rest of my semester but also about whether or not this mishap would leave me bankrupt. 

Thankfully, my emergency visit to Meriter put me immediately at ease, and it was among the better medical experiences I've ever had (not that anyone ever wishes to get injured). The subsequent surgery and follow-up consultations with Dr. David Solfelt and James Armstrong, along with their medical assistant, Kelsey Olson, and physical therapist, Sara Bachofen, were exceptional. They were genuinely interested in getting me the best care and assured me repeatedly to focus on my recovery and to not worry so much about the expense. At no point did I feel like another generic patient; they were not only professionally competent but sincerely compassionate.

I did finish out the semester just fine, now have insurance through the Affordable Care Act, and am well on the road to regaining full use of my wrist.

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