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My Meriter Story

Meriter Staff is Phenomenal

Wow, where do I start. My husband and I had just gotten home from a vacation in Mexico when he became extremely ill. He has had multiple myeloma for 11 years and our main doctor and medical care has always been Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.
I had to call an ambulance, and I requested Meriter as we had sent some of his employees there in the past. 
The care we received has been unbelievable. The entire staffs of doctors, nurses, assistants of all kinds, physical therapists, OTs, and cafeteria personnel are all incredible and caring. 
The doctors actually listened to everything I said. The nurses listened. It was such a pleasant experience. There was no bossing around, or telling us we had to do this or that. Everything was discussed, analyzed, and put in to place. We were always checked on in the friendliest manner imaginable. 
Because I have been dealing with my husband’s cancer for 11 years, I was given the great respect of being listened to and included in decisions. I can't even tell you how much I appreciate that. 
The doctors had no problems with discussing things with his doctor at Mayo. All egos WERE NOT present in this hospital—just pure care and concern for the patient. 
I would like to thank the nurses, Nathan, Joe, Chris, Lacy, Jude, Russ, Dr. Pogue, and Dr. Stangler on the ICU floor and emergency room. I would also like to thank Katie from Pharmacy, Emily the volunteer, Bei, an assistant.
I would also like to thank Nurses Brenda, Steve, Dr Lazar, CNA Jero, Ruby Lee, from the lab, Ann from OT, all from the 8th floor. 
I'm sorry if I left anyone out, but everyone was phenomenal. 
Thank you, thank you!!!

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