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My Meriter Story

Meriter Meant So Much to One Family In Need

I would like to thank the staff of the ICU, especially Lauren.

On March 28, 2014 my niece was brought to the Meriter emergency room and ICU with an overdose. She was already unresponsive, and it was determined she was “brain-dead.” Her parents and I and all of her family live in Michigan, more than 5 hours away. Lauren let us know that my niece was in bad condition and might not make it too long. Lauren answered all of our questions, and more. We felt that she was another family member there in our place.

We made it to Meriter before my niece passed away, and again Lauren was gods send. She got all of the things in place, pastoral care, answers to medical questions, and food, drinks, space...everything.

When the time came for decisions about the machinery keeping my niece's body functioning, Lauren again was there in a caring and family manner.

I have worked in healthcare and hospital the majority of my life, my family has 4 generations of nurses in it, and I can say without hesitation that Lauren and the Meriter staff were the most caring, knowledgeable and supportive nurses and staff that I have ever had the pleasure to know.

My niece was only 23 and the tragedy of and grief of her parents was almost inconsolable. I am a professional and stoic man, but writing this so close to the event, I am in tears of thankfulness to all of you.

I wish for you to know this and how much you meant to one family in our time of need. God Bless you!

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