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My Meriter Story

Meriter Helped Me Stay In the Game

My story goes like this: I was born with a bicuspid aortic heart valve, which can be trouble free for years and then fail. Mine calcified over time and during a routine physical it was found to be nearly totally blocked and nonfunctional. I was referred to Meriter hospital and staff and Dr. Paul Hinderaker and Dr. Khosro (Ed) Adib. It was meticulously explained to me what needed to be done and how I could benefit by replacing it with a St. Jude artificial carbon heart valve. This was in the spring of 2010. Because I was operating my own dairy farm I needed to plan ahead for the transition. So, I scheduled the operation for October 2010. I sold my herd and went through with the surgery. It is now April 1, 2014, and I still have my farm and work daily for myself and a nearby dairy. This has been an amazing experience for me at age 58. I am still in the game, and I have Meriter hospital and staff to thank. The care I received was fabulous, and I would not hesitate to repeat the decision.

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