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My Meriter Story

Extremely Impressed with the Care Provided to My Daughter

Pleasantly Impressed by everyone in Surgical Short Stay

My 3 year old daughter had tubes placed in her ears this morning. She has had three other minor surgeries at a different hospital's outpatient surgery floor, and we have always felt taken care of there. I was slightly nervous about doing this at Meriter because I have heard they weren’t as child centered as the other hospital. I want to say now, that myth is absolutely UNTRUE. Everyone I encountered, starting with the registration clerk to the woman that walked me to my car and helped us with the bags when we left (I think her name was Marylin) were authentically caring and obviously competent at their very important jobs.

Everyone we passed on our way to the pre-op room and to the operating room made my daughter feel noticed by saying hello or complimenting her on her pajamas or how calm she looked. Even though it was very early in the morning, all the staff were happy to see us. There were also several other patients around, but we never encountered any of them which was nice for my daughter, she didn’t see anyone that was not happy to be there.

Brigitt was our pre-op nurse and she came and met us in the hall while going to the room. She was very caring and treated my daughter very respectfully. We walked in and there was a very nice blanket and Meriter teddy bear waiting. My daughter was very happy about the blanket since it had her favorite thing on it, Ladybugs. It was coincidental because Brigitt didn’t know she loves Ladybugs, but man did it get things off to a great start. We hunkered down and went through the pre-op process. We were able to turn the lights down and relax before things got started. Our Surgical nurse was so nice and was truly interested in my daughter.

Jami, who was working with the anesthesiologist, was also very nice and made sure I understood the questions she was asking so I could give accurate information. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was how obvious it was that the anesthesiologist wasn’t familiar with working with children or their parents. But, everyone else made up for it.

When we went to the recovery room our nurse Kira was wonderful. Since I was by myself she really helped me with getting my daughter what she needed and making sure I didn’t need anything else. When she was getting us settled she was asked if she could take another patient and she didn’t hesitate, just said “Of course, I will help anyone that needs me.” I really felt that was great because I know they can have a lot to juggle and she knew being there for these families is what is important.

I am so grateful for the experience we had today. I have personally had a less than adequate experience with Meriter Hospital a couple of years ago, and since this was a very minor surgery my greatest fear was that the staff wouldn’t treat my daughter or myself with respect and care. I can honestly say that my fears were completely unfounded. I now have a new story to tell all of my family and friends.

Thank you so much for every moment today that made us feel cared for.

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