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My Meriter Story

Meriter Cardiology Staff is the Best

At 43 years old I decided it was time to start working out again and hadn't since my mid 20's. I started out slow and also wanted to be screened for my possible heart issues; so, I decided to have a physical. During my physical I explained to Dr. Kenneth Felz that my father had two different bypasses, one at 55 and one at 65, and that I wanted to take a stress test.

This is the time line of events:
Jan 2006: I had my yearly physical and asked about having a stress test done. Cholesterol was around 230 and at 180lbs.
Jan 2006: I had the stress test done, and it was determined that I needed a heart cath.
Feb 14 2006: A heart cath done stent were out of the question, and it was determined that bypass was needed.
Feb 28 2006: I had quadruple bypass, and Dr. McVey was my surgeon. The next day I was up and walking.
March 3 or 4 2006: I went home.
April 2006: I went back to work.

I kept up with rehab by joining a health club and working out 1 1/2 hours four times a week and watching what I eat.
My cholesterol is now around 156, and my heart rate at rest 54.

Feel really good now.

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