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My Meriter Story

Thank You Meriter for Years of Service

I was 18 and had just moved back from California. I started to work three jobs in hopes of finding a place of my own to live instead of the free spot at my parents’. After working a double shift, sleep deprived and a couple of beers after work, I was on my way to my parents’ and fell asleep on my drive. I found myself pinned within my pinto (my arm pinned outside underneath unbeknown to myself) and full of gas! I prayed I wouldn't blow up! I recall the truck driver talking to me and hearing all the sirens then total blackness.

Upon waking, I had found that I hadn't broken a bone but shredded my arm. They tried to piece it back together in Janesville; unfortunately, a week later when they looked it was black. They would need to remove my arm was what I kept hearing yet no one really wanted to. I was sent home from the hospital and did daily out patients visits. A couple weeks into the daily visits I was told they were not going to be able to help (even though I believe this physician was an excellent one). However, he had me wait in his office as he was unable to completely give up. When he came back, he explained 2 plastic surgery physicians would be waiting for me in the ER at Madison General. I was to leave right then.

Upon my arrival two plastic surgeons were waiting outside the ER and took me in with them. They agreed to try to save my arm, and I had to soak, special treatments, and wraps for it at home. I would have come back every other day for checks until they could try debridement. I did what was asked and so did they! Although debridement was extremely painful we did it outpatient and went back to soakings, treatments, and wraps. Then, a few weeks later a graph was put on from my hip and back home I went again. A special sleeve was ordered to help the graphing.

I can't remember the name of the physicians, but I would sure like to thank them as 28 years later my arm works 100%. I am forever grateful. I now work for Meriter and will never forget in 2010 when I walked outside the ER to realize I now had been working at the place where those fabulous doctors saved my arm!

I am truly blessed! Thanks Meriter for all your years of service, salute to many more! 

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