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My Meriter Story

Meriter Treats Each Patient Like a Person, Not a Number

Kindness and compassion received from the wonderful staff on 6 Tower will never be forgotten. The many tears I shed from great pain and frustration following herniation of 2 cervical disks was the worst health experience I have ever endured. Teams of staff members tried many treatments to bring me relief. Unfortunately it was a very slow process. I especially remember one night that I was crying and thrashing, yet a special nurse showed me great patience and even shared tears of her own. It felt almost as though I had a loving sister going through this with me. Again, when I was fearful of going to CT to get an injection in my neck, another gentle and loving staff member spent most of her time rubbing my hand and giving me comfort and understanding. Unfortunately, in my moments of upset, I didn't share with them my appreciation for their kindness and how it touched my heart. I have, however, taken these feelings and gratitude home with me during my recovery and very much want them to know that they made a difference in the life of someone who was too ill to thank them and share with them a well-deserved hug. God bless you all, I will be forever grateful. Meriter Hospital is a very special place and treats each patient like a real person, not just a number.

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