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My Meriter Story

Exceptional experiences at Meriter

It seems that all we ever receive at Meriter hospital is success or smiles, wonderful service and a great feeling to take home! We don't need to worry when we come to Meriter! We were at Meriter again and had another awesome experience! This time I would like to thank all those on the 4th floor for making another trip to surgery an easy task! Pokie and Dr. David Bryce were at the top of their game. All those participating on helping my wife were exceptional with the proper "positive-attitudes" and the knowledge to know what it takes to be a winner!

Our memories of Dr. Dopf, Dr. Ranheim, Dr. Bryce, Dr. Kimura and almost every floor we have been on at one time or another are again repeatedly nothing short of exceptional in every aspect. Thank you for giving your best when many times you do not even receive a "pat on the back". Well, here another 10+ from us! We love you and will continue to look for a flaw somewhere but not somewhere else -- it's just too good right here at Meriter

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