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My Meriter Story

I Was Impressed With the Care I Received

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Meriter hospital staff for the devoted service they delivered to me during my son's birth. The doctors and nurses who treated me offered an excellent delivery. I felt part of the decision-making process. Answers to any questions I had were given in terms I could comprehend. My doctor visits were at a consistent time of the day, and the nurses came promptly and regularly to monitor all aspects of my medical needs. If they weren’t prompt, due to events happening elsewhere on the floor, I received an apology and their undivided attention upon my wellbeing.
Kindness and professional treatment also came through my door with the early morning lab technicians, food delivery staff, volunteers, and the cleaning staff who asked how I was feeling each day. Nurses that were assigned to me on a previous day would make the effort to connect with me. A wave or smile made me feel like everyone was pulling for my recovery.

In addition, I was very impressed with the dignity and respect the entire team extended my son and me. The professionalism, attention, concern, interest and sincerity toward my well-being and comfort was genuine and expressed by all staff. It can sound silly but I must say, I felt like was in a vacation somewhere.

Thank you very much and I'll live to commend and recommend you to my family and friends.

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