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My Meriter Story

Perinatal Care Team Was Compassionate

The staff of the Perinatal Center deserve to know how thankful I am for the care I received from them this week.

I suffered a miscarriage. I had thought I was 13 weeks along, but an ultrasound confirmed that the pregnancy was not viable. Obviously, this was very sad news to me. Thankfully, it was delivered with kindness and compassion by Dr. Jeffrey Denney. And I wish I remembered her name, but the nurse who escorted me to and from the room where the ultrasound was done was also blessedly warm, responsive, and compassionate in her treatment of me.

Unfortunately, I have known other women who have suffered miscarriages, and I know from their stories that such compassionate and humane care from health care providers cannot be taken for granted in that circumstance.

As much as their professionalism, I appreciate how well the doctor and the staff behaved like human beings who could understand that I needed a gentle touch and a kind word as much as, and perhaps more than, I needed medical care.

Please extend my thanks to everyone. They did everything they could to ease a very difficult situation.

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