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My Meriter Story

I'm Thankful for the Staff in the ER

I can’t rest until I write a thank you to the people I believe had a huge part in saving my life. If the staff hadn't acted like they did in an emergency situation, I don't believe I would be sitting here now. It was the scariest day of my life. My boyfriend on the other hand got to fill me in on how people were reacting and working to help me.

I was home and getting ready for bed and I started to have abdominal pain. The pain came on and then continued to get worse very fast. I was so scared I was having a miscarriage because I had found out just weeks prior I was pregnant. I called a nurse to inquire about the pain and then midway in our conversation I hung up and rushed to emergency room.

The woman at the check-in was so kind. The nurse took me immediately and took my vitals and helped me in the restroom. The doctor hardly even talked to me because he already knew what was wrong with me when he heard my symptoms. He had his nurses working very hard and fast to get me hooked up to 3 IV lines and monitoring and prepping me while he was desperately searching the hospital for someone to do an emergency ultrasound. The doctor had the operating room prepped for us since he thought it was an ectopic pregnancy. It turned out after the ultrasound that he was right and I had severe internal bleeding. It was rapidly spreading through my stomach and diaphragm and was sending my blood pressure to dangerous lows and I had trouble breathing.
The nurses that were helping me were so calm but quick. I kept asking if I was going to die and they reassured me so convincingly that I was going to be fine. The one nurse (and I don't know her name) told me that she had two of these pregnancy issues before and that I hadn't a thing to worry about. She gave me a glimpse of hope in a moment that I knew I had everything to worry about.
The OB doctor showed up with her resident and they were so calm and reassuring when they explained the surgery I would have in minutes. I also think Dr. Bennett is amazing and she definitely saved my life. I am so thankful to have an OB doctor that I will now see permanently and trust completely when I ever decide to be pregnant again.
I ended up being 2 months pregnant and the tube ruptured which caused all of the bleeding. I had to lose my right fallopian tube, but am thankful to be alive. I am thankful for the people of the ER that night because I know I wouldn't be here if they hadn't acted with the precision that they did. I thank all of the people who worked on me that night. Each and every person that had to help me I thank from the bottom of my soul. I respect all of you for what you do. I hope you can read this and feel good about what you do because I know it must be a stressful place to work. My boyfriend and family thank you, too. He is the one that suggested we write a letter. This isn't just a letter of me being thankful to be alive. This is a letter about me being thankful for what you do. I am so blessed to have been in your care.

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