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My Meriter Story

It Was Easy Selecting a Meriter Doctor

I wasn't feeling well when we went to Jefferson. I waited as long as I could and I finally went to the doctor. I have nothing but good things to say about my whole experience. I looked online at your website to figure out where I could go. There's a Meriter clinic in Stoughton. I called and made an appointment, then got in the same day. No problem. I signed a couple of things, but no paper work. I gave them my group number off my P+ card. Easy.

The doctor I saw was awesome. He and his partner purposely leave time slots open every day so people can get in. It turns out I had walking pneumonia and an ear infection. It was easy and I'm never switching.

I liked the clinic and the doctor so much that I am going to schedule a physical. The doctor I saw was Vern Partello. He is really nice and knowledgeable. Plus, he acts like a normal, everyday person. No time for idle chit chat, but he answered all the questions I had. Like I said before, the only paperwork I had was to sign a piece of paper to release my records from Dean and a statement saying that I gave them permission to treat me. So easy!

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