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My Meriter Story

I Knew my Wife was in Good Hands

What a great experience my wife and I had at the Meriter Birthing Center.

Like all first-time parents, my wife and I were very excited, as well as nervous to start a family. We arrived at triage and were quickly assessed. When the doctor determined she was in labor we were quickly moved into a top-notch birthing suite.

The nurse who helped deliver our baby was Jean. Both my wife and I were very impressed by her professionalism and experience. She went out of her way to answer our questions and walk us through the birthing process, step by step. She stayed by our side for most of the day making us feel at ease. I truly wonder if she took a break that day.

We were then taken to the fifth floor. Again, I cannot say enough about every nurse we had contact with. Our night shift nurse, Marian, really stands out, though. Prior to becoming a father, I had very limited experience with infants. Marian assured us that we were on the right track. She had great advice for my wife regarding nursing and helped us get started. That night, I nervously left to attend to our dogs. I knew my wife was in good hands. When she had a rough night, Marian was there for my wife walking her through it. Our last morning in the hospital, Marian came in to introduce the nurse who was taking over on the shift change. We thanked her for everything. The last thing she said to us was how much she loved her job and how lucky she was to be able to take care of us.

There is no doubt Meriter has built some beautiful facilities but I feel what sets it apart are the people working there. From the moment I stepped into the door for our tour I knew we were In good hands. During our tour, our group rode the evaluator with a man whose wife had just given birth at the Birthing Center. He told the group we were going love it. Boy, was he right!

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