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My Meriter Story

We Recently had our First Child at Meriter

We recently had our first child at Meriter. We were scared and a little anxious at first, probably like all new parents, but we were simply blown away by the total professionalism and compassionate care we received while we were at Meriter.

We started our journey with Theresa in the birthing unit. She and her nursing assistant were very thorough and caring during our time there. Though labor progressed slowly, we were pampered and treated with the best of care.

After it became clear that our labor wasn't progressing as fast as it should, Dr. Mackey reassured us that this was normal and made us completely comfortable as he explained the Caesarean Section procedure. He took the time to go over every detail and answer every stupid question we asked him without hesitation or judgment.

After the procedure, I was amazed, humbled, and delighted to meet our beautiful, perfect daughter for the first time. The staff anesthesiologist, OR nurses, doctors, and med student, Jenna, were completely professional, skilled, and just amazing at their jobs. It was so cool to watch such a well-trained staff respond to everything like clockwork.

Throughout our stay in the hospital we were reassured and cared for through every poke and prod. It became obvious very quickly that every nursing professional on the 6th floor was a trained, compassionate professional, reassuring us through every problem. When our daughter wasn't latching properly after 24 hours, they explained that this was quite normal, and we should not be worried. She soon proved them right, latching and nursing successfully from that moment on. My wife was even given a sandwich and applesauce after hours when the cafeteria was closed by Emily, a wonderful nurse who really took the time to make sure my wife and daughter were well taken care of.

I want to congratulate Meriter and its wonderful staff, especially all of the nurses on the 6th floor. We could not have felt more reassured and cared for than we were during our visit. Tomorrow, I look forward to bringing our new bundle of joy home. I would not hesitate to recommend Meriter to anyone looking forward to the birth of their child. Well done, Meriter, well done!


Dad, Mom, and Baby

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