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My Meriter Story

I Needed Open Heart Surgery

Imagine going to the emergency room thinking your heart is only out of rhythm due to dehydration and finding out your condition was life threatening. My jaw dropped when I was told I needed open heart surgery to repair a collapsed mitral valve. I'm 51, this can't happen to me. A week later, there I am, having my heart repaired by human hands!

The challenge has been fun, frustrating, boring, exciting, depressing, and all the other buzz words one can use. Through it all, thank my lucky stars I had Meriter Hospital. From the time I met Dr. Toth back in 2000, I knew this place was special. Not only did she remove my gallbladder, she personally wheeled me into surgery to help the staff out! That said, it is the people that set Meriter apart from other hospitals, so instead of me rambling on about what I went through, I want to tip my hat and “high five” the following long list of people who made my stay and recovery possible:

First, my Cardiothoracic (Heart) Surgeon, Dr. Richard Lee for saving the quality of my life. Dr. Lee is a stickler for details and you knew you were in great hands as his patient. Also, to the team of heart doctors involved in the process: Dr. Igic, Dr. Moses, Dr. Bellissimo, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Adib, Dr. Kelm, and my Cardiologist, Dr. Krishna for their follow-through and care. What a great group to have in my corner!

My Physician Assistants: Tamera, Natalia, Scott, and Dr. Lee's nurse, Janet, who handled the "behind the scenes" stuff that needed to be done.

Adrian, Andrea and, especially, Traci in ICU for their attention when I needed it most.

Meridith, Leah, Jenni, and Michelle in 10 Tower who prepped me for my various procedures and tests.

Liz in 10 Tower who could stick an IV in an ant if she had to – she’s that good at it.

Kathy my PICC technician who made the process painless.

My nurses in 11 Tower: Jill, Pam, Adam, Andrea, Deb, Brett, Nadia, Jan, Tracy, Chad, Laney, and Julia, who had my room 4 times in a row! All were great, especially in the trying times during recovery.

The nurse assistants Liam, Molly and Nikki, whose radiant smile and upbeat attitude is contagious!

To all others I might have missed, as well as the room service. If there's a hospital with better food, it would be a surprise. Registration, billing, communication with my insurance company were all fast and efficient.

So, that's My Meriter Story... the people. Thanks for saving my life!

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