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My Meriter Story

The Best Day of my Life

Dear Meriter Staff, here is my story.

I came in Madison in July of 2012 for my best friend’s wedding. I travelled from Senegal (West Africa) to Madison while 7 months pregnant. It was not safe, you will tell me, but I had to be there for my best friend’s special day.

During my stay I felt very uncomfortable, so my friend took me to Meriter Hospital. It was then that I met my future OB/GYN. She was so nice and spoke French! - My native language! I was so happy that I almost forgot all my pain. She instructed me to not travel back in Africa because of the long hours of flight. I decided to have my baby girl in Madtown!

Soon, the best day of my life came: September 17th. I was with my mum, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) and my best friend. I had started the labor 3 days earlier and it was very, very hard!! I met some wonderful people at Meriter Hospital. My OBGYN was not available, so I worked with another great OBGYN. He was so nice, as was the nurse Katherine. My mom and my hubby always talk about them. Every time my mom is going to a hospital for any reason, she is always says, "If you guys meet one of Meriter Hospital doctors you will be amazed!! These people are so kind; I think that they are angels. They took care of my daughter and she didn't felt any pain during her delivery."

Ok, she might have exaggerated about the pain, but I was surrounded by some extraordinary people! I am writing this story because I wish I had their email addresses so I could thank each of them and send them the picture of my daughter, who will be 7 months old tomorrow.

I can’t remember all the names, but I really want to thank Nurse Cathy who took care of me during my weekly appointments, and another nurse, Kathie, who was with me in the morning of the day I delivered. I would also like to thank the wonderful OB/GYN who took care of me during this special day. I don't remember all the names, but they all were so nice. Thank you to the Birthing Center staff and the entire Meriter staff who made my stay in Madison so unforgettable.
I am now back in Senegal and planning to come back and visit you guys.

Thank you, again


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