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My Meriter Story

The Best Christmas Present from Dr. Kurtz

I've been struggling to pay for my prescribed Cymbalta for several months, as I've reached the donut hole coverage from Medicare. With Christmas coming up, it was even more stressful than normal. I did not have the option of going off of this medication, due to my fibromyalgia and side effects experienced from stopping it abruptly. I asked a number of pharmacists and social workers about options, but had no luck.

When I had an appointment with him this week, Dr. Kurtz asked me about whether I had tried getting a voucher. I was not familiar with this, so he printed one off of the internet. I took it to the pharmacy and it was 100% FREE. WHAT A BLESSING!! He saved me $200. Now I can use the extra money for a better Christmas for my kids.

Dr. Kurtz has been THE most important physician in my life. I suffered from undiagnosed fibromyalgia for 12 years. After my first visit with him, I was accurately diagnosed. My entire life has improved because of him. He is not only thorough, but greatly compassionate. A rare combination to find.

Warmest Regards and Best Christmas Wishes

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