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My Meriter Story

A Happy Ending after our Long and Taxing Labor and Delivery

Ten weeks ago, I went to Meriter with my husband to be induced to have our baby. The labor and delivery were extremely long and taxing, resulting in a C-section after nearly 60 hours of hard work. We received excellent and compassionate care from so many of the nurses, residents and doctors during that time. In particular, nurses Mary, Katie and Allison were wonderful, making us feel at home and as comfortable as possible. A special thanks to Katie who helped to encourage us and keep the delivery process under control as much as possible. Thank you to all of you for your caring support.

Our baby spent 2 days in the special care nursery due to respiratory issues. We want to thank all the doctors and nurses who took such good care of our baby during that time and taught his daddy how to change diapers and swaddle his son like a professional.

After delivery, I developed an arrhythmia and spent two nights in the heart & vascular area of the hospital. I greatly appreciated the notes and photographs that the NICU nurses sent to me when I could not be with my baby. It was so touching, and it helped me to feel more connected to my son, who seemed so far away. The NICU nurses also took great care of my husband. Thank you!

One heart & vascular nurse who stood out was Lani. I was so exhausted, scared and sad to be away from my baby during that time.  She was so compassionate. She promised to take good care of me and checked in on me religiously every hour during the night, which gave me peace of mind. She also talked with me about my fears. I felt that I was in excellent hands while in her care. I was so sad to see her go when her shift was done. Thank you, Lani!

I also want to thank Dr. Wallhaus, who saw me in the heart & vascular hospital and later in clinic for follow-up. He was very thorough in his care, and he took the time to explain everything in detail to me. Thank you, Dr. Wallhaus!

We are at home now. Our son is 9 weeks old and we are happy and healthy. Thank you to all the Meriter staff for your excellent care!

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