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My Meriter Story

Thank You, Nurse Sherryl!

My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was 2 1/2 months premature. Since our baby’s birth, we have been very worried because of all the complications. Sherryl, one of our nurses, has gone above and beyond a nurse’s duties and concerns. The NICU can be intimidating, especially for first-time parents. Although everyone at Meriter has been kind and professional, Sherryl has eased my worries tremendously. I see how gentle she is with our baby. As I watch her work with my daughter, she answers every question so I can understand what she is doing and works with a steady hand. Sherryl performs her duties with expertise and is very compassionate about her work.

Her compassion, confidence, and extensive experience has definitely eased my mind about having to leave my child at the NICU. I believe to be a great nurse or doctor you have to be more than book smart and have a degree. You have to be professional, kind, and know how to communicate with the people you help. You have to realize that you not only have to help people medically, but help them understand why and how certain tasks are performed. There are doctors and nurses who act like robots with no personal connections reflected in their work. She works on a unit that requires staff to not only help medically, but to give confidence to worried parents and aid their sick child. I feel Sherryl demonstrates all that is good in a nurse and my wife and I are grateful that in all the time our child has to spend here, she will be in great hands.

Thank you Sherryl! You give Meriter a great name and shine a little more because of how awesome of a nurse you are.

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