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My Meriter Story

Great Experience at Meriter's Pharmacy

One visit to Meriter's Pharmacy and I am hooked! Before I tried the Meriter Pharmacy I really preferred the convenience of the pharmacy that was located close to my house and was fairly resistant to changing to the Meriter Pharmacy located in the main lobby of the hospital, even though it would have given me a substantial discount. I currently take a medication that is quite expensive even with my Physicians Plus insurance and decided I really needed to switch to the Meriter Pharmacy in order to help with my expenses. The day that I went to drop off the prescription, I felt really ill and was in no mood to deal with the change, but really needed the medicine so I forced myself to go and was met by a friendly man at the counter by the name of Eric. I think he sensed my discomfort because he seemed very gentle and calming. His friendlness was genuine and not overbaring which I truly appreciate. As he entered my information, he went the extra mile to find a coupon for my medication that gave me one month free!!! Wow! My medication was ready in 15 minutes and I was on my way to feeling better. The experience was everything I could have hoped for and I will no longer be reluctant to move all my prescriptions over to Meriter Pharmacy. I am pleased by the amazing service from Eric and feel that he won me over in just one visit. Thanks Meriter!

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