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My Meriter Story

Meriter's Medical Professionals Saved My Nephew's Life

Dear Meriter Obstetrics and Neo-natal Care Unit,
Back in 2004, I was watching my 10 yr-old nephew play football. The smallest, by far, every time the whistle blew, he was knocked to the ground. Every play, he jumped back up and enthusiastically cheered on his team. Watching him, that afternoon, I was reminded that he was born 2 ½ months premature and weighed just 3lbs 7 ½ ounces.
Back in late 1993, he had fought to stay alive, and others had fought to keep him alive. For all of their hard work, he repaid them by being a crazy, fearless child. Ha! He did not have any developmental delays and quickly caught up with his peers in motor skills, so he would continuously jump, fall, and climb. We thought that he would grow up to be a stuntman, one day, because he just knew how to fall and not get hurt. And even if he did get hurt, he would hop right up and do it again.
He survived a childhood broken collar bone, many sports injuries, and his teen years. That little boy, who was continuously knocked to the ground, went on to be the lead tackler for his State-winning football team. He has always been tough, has always beaten the odds, and has always worked hard to overcome any obstacles. Now, he is 18, and preparing to graduate and head on to college. He is as intelligent as he is physically strong. He is a great leader, and is going to do amazing things! We are so grateful for all of the medical professionals who helped to save his life, and that of his mother (my sister)!

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