Five Ways to Stay Safe This Summer

Even on cloudy days, sun burns occur in a short time. You can keep your skin safe by wearing sunscreen and reapply it frequently.

By: Dr. Paul Hick, Emergency Services

With summer in full swing, it is important to keep safety at the top of your mind when enjoying time with family and friends. Whether you’re hiking or cooking out, remember these summer safety tips!

  1. Wear sunscreen and reapply frequently. Even on cloudy days, sun burns occur in a short time. The immediate affect is redness, pain and sometimes blistering. The long-term effect is premature aging and increased risk of cancer.
  2. Check for ticks. Tics may carry diseases, such as Lyme disease. If tics are removed quickly, the risk of illness is eliminated. Tics can be as small as a sesame seeds and therefore close inspection is necessary. Tics are sometimes found in cities, like Madison, not just in the woods. To remove a tick, use a tweezer, grasp it by the head and pull gently. If a rash, fever or other illness occurs after a tick bite you should be checked by your doctor.
  3. Do not use cell phones while driving. Texting, or even making phone calls, while driving is a common cause of car crashes.
  4. Turn off the TV and computer and get outside. Being outside and active is a good way to get vitamin D from the sun plus it is healthy for your heart, body and mind.
  5. Avoid heat illness and drink plenty fluids. If you become weak, dizzy or confused after working or playing on hot summer days, you may have heat exhaustion. You should go to a cool place, drink fluids and rest. If you do not feel better in an hour, see your doctor.
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