Welcome Dr. Craig Dopf to Meriter Deming Way

The Meriter Medical Group would like to welcome Craig Dopf, MD to Meriter Deming Way located at 2275 Deming Way, Suite 220, Middleton, WI 53562. We are pleased to offer spine services through the Meriter Medical Group.

Dr. Dopf prides himself on not leaving an exam room until all of his patients’ questions are answered. He uses common language when explaining diagnosis and treatment options, and takes minimally invasive approaches to surgery whenever possible. He finds the best outcomes come from having a relationship of mutual respect with patients who are willing to do what is necessary to reduce their pain. Having experienced broken bones and back pain in the past, Dr. Dopf believes he has some ability to relate to his patients’ pain and problems. He also understands how important family support is for the healing process.

Dr. Dopf works with patients of varying ages experiencing disabling pain and numbness or weakness in their neck, arm(s), back or leg(s). He treats the following spinal conditions: adult degenerative spine conditions, cervical thoracic and lumbar spine disorders, disk herniations, spinal stenosis, spinal fractures and spondylolisthesis.

During his free time, Dr. Dopf enjoys spending time with his wife and five children. He enjoys a multitude of leisure activities including snow and water skiing, fishing, hunting, motorcycling, hiking, photography and attending concerts. For the last five years, he has also volunteered in Haiti performing surgeries with the Community Health Initiative-Haiti.

Please join Meriter in welcoming Dr. Dopf!

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One Response to Welcome Dr. Craig Dopf to Meriter Deming Way

  1. Kathy Schroeder says:

    I love Doctor Dopf. He did my spinal surgery awhile ago and although I still have pain and problems. I can walk, run and ride a bike. Things I couldn’t do before the surgery. He is a amazing Doctor. friendly and caring. Thank You Doctor Dopf

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