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On Tuesday, February 26, Meriter’s President & CEO, Jim Woodward, joined CEOs from UW Health, St. Mary’s and Stoughton Hospitals, as well as Public Health Madison and Dane County, to launch the collaborative website,  The website culminates over 2 years of work developing this website and Dane County Community Health Needs Assessment.


Meriter's President and CEO, Jim Woodward

View a segment about the website’s unveiling at     

Meriter has a long and proud history of leadership in providing, protecting and preserving the health of the community. The website and health needs assessment are examples of this leadership. “This initial assessment will serve as a guide post for Meriter, guiding our community involvement and our community benefit efforts,” said Woodward. “We look forward to working with partners across the county to address the health needs brought forward in this assessment.”    

The Community Health Needs Assessment was completed ahead of the schedule, set by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Ace.  All not-for-profit hospitals are required to conduct a health assessment at least once every 3 years and develop a plan to address those needs.    

To view the collaborative website, visit, or to read the full Community Health Needs Assessment, Click Here.​

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