Helpful Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Recommended by Krista Kohls, Meriter Clinical Nutritionist 

  1. Make a plan.  Holiday foods are everywhere this time of year so decide what foods are really important to you and which foods are not.  If you aren’t sure what food is going to be at a party or gathering, make sure to scan the menu or buffet table before digging in.  Make a plan of attack and stick with it.  Allow the foods you planned for, stay away from the foods you did not! 
  2. Remain physically active over the holidays.  This will benefit your waistline as well as your stress level.  Even 15 minutes a day can make a difference! 
  3. MODERATION, MODERATION, MODERATION.  Eat until you are satisfied, not until you are stuffed.  Remember leaving food on your plate is okay!!  And your waist will be much happier!!  Let the food you eat register with your stomach by eating slower and savoring every bite.  Eating should be about quality not quantity.
  4. Drinks have calories too!  Alcohol can lessen will power and also adds calories – a double whammy! And juices and eggnog provide extra calories and sugar!  Try limiting yourself to one alcoholic beverage/holiday drink per day and then switch to diet soda, sparkling water or opt for light wine or light beer to begin with.
  5. Share the health by bringing your own healthy holiday dish to share.  Fruit kebabs or homemade cinnamon tortilla chips and yogurt dip, chipotle spiced shrimp, whole wheat pita wedges with green olive tapenade or veggies and hummus are great dishes to pass and your friends will likely be relieved to see something healthy to dig into!
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