Meriter Welcomes New Primary Care Physicians

Meriter recently welcomed three new family medicine physicians to our growing primary care team.  All of our new physicians are looking forward to welcoming new patients to their practices.  


Luke Fortney, MD
Family Medicine & Integrative Medicine
Meriter McKee
“I practice integrative family medicine that’s focused on meeting your family’s total needs: on-time, available and family-centered.”
Special Interests: Integrative Medicine is a special interest of Dr. Fortney, as it allows him to offer expanded medical tools and knowledge to meet patients’ specific needs. For those who are interested, he encourages the utilization of Western and alternative medicine options together, as long as evidence supports its safety. 


Cheryl Martin-Foster, MD
Family Medicine
Meriter Fitchburg
“I enjoy getting to know my patients and helping them make informed decisions about their healthcare.”
Special Interests: Dr. Martin-Foster appreciates her relationships with families and loves creating a bond with babies and their parents. She feels strongly that there’s nothing better than watching her newborn patients grow up. Dr. Martin-Foster also has a special interest in working with women and adolescents, as well as patients with asthma, diabetes and hypertension. 
James C. Flood, MD, FAAFP
Family Medicine
Meriter Monona
“Working with patients to customize care for each individual is one of my main goals in the practice of medicine.”

Special Interests: While Dr. Flood enjoys working will all age groups, he has a special interest in pediatrics.
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