Meriter Honors Our Top Docs!

Congratulations to the 52 Meriter affiliated physicians, selected by their peers, for the 2012 Madison Magazine “Top Docs in Dane County” list. The survey is conducted on a bi-annual basis and appears in the September 2012 edition.

Meriter is pleased to have such an impressive Medical Staff that provides extraordinary care every day.

Following are the names and specialties of those physicians:

Addiction Treatment
Ian R. Powell, Meriter Medical Group

Thomas M. Pellino, Madison Anesthesiology

Cardiovascular Medicine
Charles K. Stone, UW Health

Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Adam Rindfleisch, UW Health

Critical Care Medicine
Charles A. Weber, UW Health

George T. Reizner, UW Health

Emergency Medicine
Paul K. Hick, Emergency Medical Associates of Madison

Family Medicine
David J. Ringdahl, UW Health
Sandra A. Kamnetz, UW Health

Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Susan M. Lepinski, Meriter Medical Group

Cate E. Ranheim, Meriter Medical Group

Internal Medicine
N. Thomas Casper, Meriter Medical Group

Edward R. Ahrens, Madison Area Renal Specialists
Christoph H. Eggert, Madison Area Renal Specialists
R. Michael Hofmann, UW Health
Paul S. Kellerman, UW Health

Fred Edelman, UW Health

Frederic A. Melius, Melius, Schurr & Caldwell

Oncology, Gynecologic
Ellen M. Hartenbach, UW Health
David M. Kushner, UW Health
Laurel W. Rice, UW Health
Stephen L. Rose, UW Health

Oncology, Medical
David L. Hei, UW Health

Greg K. Hartig, UW Health

Pain Medicine & Management
David A. Bryce, Advanced Pain Management

Palliative Medicine
Amanda E. duPreez, Meriter Medical Group

Pathology, Surgical
Gholam Reza Hafez, UW Health

Podiatry (D.P.M.)
Randy S. Kittleson, UW Health

Pulmonary Disease
Charles A. Weber, UW Health
John P. Schilling, UW Health

Francis J. Thornton, UW Health

Rehabilitation Medicine
William P. Shannon, Meriter Medical Group
Courtney Hogendorn, Meriter Medical Group

Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility
Dan I. Lebovic, UW Health
David L. Olive, Wisconsin Fertility Institute
Elizabeth A. Pritts, Wisconsin Fertility Institute

Spine Medicine
Craig A. Dopf, UW Health
Gregory R. Trost, UW Health

Surgery, Cardiovascular
Khosro (Ed) Adib, Meriter Medical Group
Haywood S. Gilliam, Meriter Medical Group
Takushi Kohmoto, UW Health

Surgery, General
Michael P. Sloan, UW Health
Susan I. Toth, Meriter Medical Group

Surgery, Hand/Microsurgery
A. Neil Salyapongse, UW Health
Stefan V. Zachary, UW Health

Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive
Bradley L. Manning, UW Health

Pediatric Specialties

Frank R. Greer, UW Health
Julie M. Kessel, UW Health
Pamela J. Kling, UW Health

Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
Susan D. Ehrlich, UW Health
Thomas D. Meier, UW Health
Jeffrey S. Sleeth, UW Health

Dinesh M. Shah, UW Health
Katharina S. Stewart, UW Health

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