My Meriter Story: I Trust in Meriter


I trust in Meriter. Recently, once again, my wife required emergency assistance and was transferred from another facility because they were (gun-shy) and not equipped to handle her concerns. When we arrived at Meriter, everyone was again ready for her and able to help her faster than the five hours it took to get her transferred from somewhere else. Treatment is always a blessing at Meriter and so is the staff. We may bicker at times; however, the trust factor outweighs any concerns we may have. My wife is in good hands at Meriter.

Dr. Cate Ranheim, Dr. Ray Kimura and Dr. Craig Dopf have saved her life a couple of times as well as myself. My choice to bring her to Meriter is a mutual one, and has always been the best choice. I know she will be well cared for by her doctors and nurses and Cate Ranheim’s reassurance is all I need. I would trust Cate with my life, and my life is based on my wife’s life. I can only say thank you to having Cate Ranheim here at Meriter and the staff they have chosen. I can only hope to have a doctor like Cate Ranheim for myself someday.

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