Meriter Receives Citation of Merit for Commitment to Quality

Meriter Hospital is one of only four U.S. hospitals being recognized today for its leadership and innovation in quality improvement and safety. Meriter Hospital received the 2012 American Hospital Association-McKesson Quest for Quality Citation of Merit.  

The American Hospital Association-McKesson Quest for Quality Prize is presented annually to honor leadership and innovation in quality improvement and safety. The criteria for the 2012 award include the demonstration of an organizational commitment to and progress in achieving the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) six quality aims — safety, patient-centeredness, effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness and equity. 

The award is presented to:

  • raise awareness of the need for a hospital-wide commitment to highly reliable, exceptional quality, patient-centered care
  • reward successful efforts to develop and promote a systems-based approach toward improvements in quality of care
  • inspire hospitals to systematically integrate and align their quality improvement efforts throughout the organization
  • and communicate successful programs and strategies to the hospital field.

“We make the culture of quality apparent to everybody who works at Meriter, whether they’re employees or voluntary medical staff. We have over 1200 physicians on staff, of which about 100 are employed, and the rest come here because they choose to use Meriter for their hospitalized patients,” said Geoff Priest, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Meriter Hospital. “Quality is a topic of conversation day in and day out. Hopefully, patients will see the quality and safety culture evident in every interaction at Meriter.”

The Citation of Merit is awarded in recognition of the strong leadership collaboration and alignment among governance, medical staff and executive management at Meriter.

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