Remember Grill Safety

Dr. Bencivenga, Pediatric Hospitalist

During the summer I love using my grill.  Burgers, brats, pork tenderloin (and don’t forget grilled vegetables) make for some of my favorite meals.  Whether it is charcoal or gas, nothing beats donning my apron, a cool beverage, and taking my turn to cook. However, we must also keep in mind safety, so that we may continue to enjoy the summer after a successfully grilled meal.

-          Keep good sanitation practices if you are preparing meats.  Meat should be kept chilled until just prior to cooking. Have a designated cutting board for raw meat and clean your hands and utensils before moving on to other foods. 

-          After cleaning your grill, inspect the grate for remnants from the wire brush.  A hospital in Rhode Island reported people (usually men, go figure!) who received injuries from eating wire bristles … presumably from the grill brush.

-          Cook your meat to the recommended temperature to prevent infections such as E. Coli or Salmonella.

These are just a couple of tips to keep in mind when grilling.  Enjoy the summer.  Before too long the grill will be in the garage or covered in snow.

James Bencivenga, MD
Pediatric Hospitalist
Meriter Hospital

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