Women’s HeartCare: Take Action to Protect Your Heart

Four of five women ages 40 to 60 have one or more risk factors for heart disease. You can’t do much about your age or family history, but these risk factors are very much within your control.

You may be a statistic and not even know it.
Are You at Risk?

  • Smoking – Almost as many women smokers die from heart disease as from lung cancer.
  • High blood pressure – Even a slightly high level doubles the risk of heart disease.
  • High cholesterol – About one-third of American women have high enough cholesterol to pose a serious heart disease risk.
  • Obesity – At 20 percent or more over ideal weight, the risk of heart disease increases.
  • Diabetes (Type 2) – This growing epidemic increases a woman’s risk of heart disease 3- to 7-fold.
  • Stress – It causes higher blood pressure and a tendency to overeat or drink, increasing the risk of heart disease.
  • Family history – If you have a blood relative with heart disease, your risk significantly increases. The more you know about your family’s health history, the more you can do to protect yourself.

Call Meriter Women’s HeartCare at (608) 417-6447 to schedule a risk assessment. We’ll see if you are at low, moderate or high risk for heart disease and tell you about next steps.

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