Taste of Your Own Medicine

Much of my job as a pediatrician is helping educate families on different safety and general health recommendations, and while I know that at times the things that are discussed in the office may sound idealistic, I do try my best to be sure that my family is “following the rules” as well. As I listened to the gentle reminders I gave my kids the other day, I realized that many of the things I was saying apply to me as well. Here’s a few of the words that came out of my mouth:

Carleen Hanson, MD

Dr. Hanson, Pediatrician, Meriter West Washington

1. If the car is on, your buckle is on.
2. Wear your bike helmet (even if you’re just going around the block).
3. Sit down at the table while eating.
4. Eat your veggies.
5. Soda and juice are treats, not everyday drinks.
6. If you have a fever or feel too sick to eat, you should stay home.
7. Turn off the TV/computer/video game (I tell my parents to limit their kids to no more than 2 hours of total screen time per day).
8. Go outside and play.
9. Be sure you have on sunscreen
10. Be a good listener and a good friend.
11.  Have fun today! (my favorite)

So here’s my challenge to you – think of the things you say to remind your kids to be healthy, safe and happy…and try to follow your own advice.

If you’d like to share your advice, feel free to leave a comment here!

Carleen Hanson, MD
Meriter Medical Group Pediatrician
Meriter West Washington

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