Welcome Dr. Matthew Wolff, Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Matthew Wolff

Dr. Matthew Wolff, Interventional Cardiologist

The Meriter Medical Group is proud to welcome Dr. Matthew Wolff, Interventional Cardiologist, to its team.  

“I love cardiology because I can spend time with one patient discussing wellness choices, and later implant a life-saving stent in another patient experiencing a massive heart attack. I partner with my patients in health.”

About Dr. Wolff:
Dr. Wolff was born and raised in Tiffon, Ohio. With a strong interest in biology and a desire to work with people, Dr. Wolff pursued a career in medicine. During medical school, he found that cardiology best suited his personality. A specialty of internal medicine, cardiology offers the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with patients. By providing minimally-invasive cardiovascular therapies, he takes great satisfaction in helping his patients quickly resolve their heart problems. 

In addition to specializing in ischemic heart disease and treating complex cardiovascular cases, Dr. Wolff has special interests in percutaneous therapies for valvular and structural heart disease as well as regenerative medicine stem cell therapy.

In addition to a very active local and regional practice in interventional cardiology, Dr. Wolff serves on the National Interventional Cardiology Council of the American College of Cardiology and is the Chair of the National Institutes of Health Cardiovascular Diseases Small Business Special Emphasis Panel.

About Interventional Cardiologists:
An interventional cardiologist is a cardiologist who specializes in minimally invasive, catheter-based treatment for heart disease. Balloons and stents are used to open up arteries in the neck, carotids, heart, legs and kidneys that have become blocked, causing chest or leg pain, heart attack, stroke and non-healing leg ulcers. Interventionists treat cardiovascular diseases such as angina, coronary heart disease, heart valve disorders and vascular diseases of the legs, kidneys and brain.

Learn more about Dr. Wolff.

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