Meriter Participating in National Disaster Drill

Meriter is in Day Two of a nationally coordinated three-day disaster DRILL. The disaster is a series of events including two earthquakes – one outside of Memphis, TN and a smaller one in Evansville, IN. THESE ARE NOT REAL EVENTS – this is only a DRILL. In addition to people injured by these SCHEDULED disasters, hospitals in the disaster zone have been damaged and will need to evacuate patients.

Meriter is preparing to accept 25 to 35 DRILL patients on Wednesday, May 18. For this DRILL clip boards with information and forms will substitute for volunteer victims.

At this stage of the DRILL all units are reviewing procedures, facility and staff availability that will be needed to respond for a surge of patients.

The Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program is using this drill to test the Wisconsin Trac (WI Trac) system for inter-hospital communications. WI Trac is an electronic resource and bed reporting system that was implemented by the Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program.

Meriter participates in multiple drills annually to continuously prepare and test disaster management capabilities. “Exercises like these give us a chance to test and improve all the emrgency response pieces that would be needed for a large incident,” says Karen Munt, Meriter Emergency Preparedness and Safety Manager.

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