Get Fit with Meriter

Regular exercise not only improves your health and keeps weight under control, but also helps you to better handle stress and feel more upbeat.

Meriter’s 10-week Get Fit! Exercise and Healthy Eating Program will get you started on the path to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight along with a heart-healthy lifestyle. You will meet individually with a dietitian and a fitness trainer to create a personal plan. And the group setting will give you a fun and comfortable atmosphere to exercise.  

“When I joined the Get Fit! Program I didn’t have a lot of confidence given that I was at my highest weight ever and hadn’t exercised in quite some time. But I knew I needed a change. The team did a great job with setting a program, listening to our feelings and fears, and challenging us to meet/beat our goals. With their help, I lost 20+ pounds and 10+ inches during the program. My self confidence is back, my weight continues to decrease and my blood pressure has come down. The success I gained during this program has helped me to make other changes in my life and I’m committed to continuing a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise.”
- A recent Get Fit! Participant  

Register today for one of our upcoming sessions:
April 18 – June 29
July 11 – September 21
September 26 – December 5



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