Don’t Think Twice – Make the Call!

• A woman in America suffers a heart attack every minute. And women aged 40 and over are more likely than men to die within a year of the attack.

• 1 in 3 women will have a heart attack or chest pains at some point in her life.

• Women have been shown to have significant time delay in receiving diagnosis and treatment interventions

• Even though awareness of heart attack and heart disease has increased over the years, women still don’t see their own personal risk.

Yet only about half of women said they’d call 9-1-1 if they thought they were having a heart attack.

Jane Nelson-Worel, ANP and John at Star Country review women’s heart attack symptoms and why it’s important to call 911. Click the play button to listen!

“Don’t be concerned about bothering others,” says Jane Nelson-Worel, ANP and coordinator of Meriter’s Women’s HeartCare program.

“The Make the Call. Don’t Miss a Beat Campaign” is designed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health, to educate, engage and empower women 50+ to save their own life, and empower bystanders to act to save the lives of their mothers, sisters, and best friends.

The myth of the Hollywood Heart Attack

Only half of the women surveyed by American Heart Association recognized the typical symptoms of a heart attack. Do you expect to see – the victim stops what they’re doing – their eyes open wide – they clutch their chest, make some funny noises, and then they collapse to the floor. Right? Wrong. Don’t believe everything you see on TV!

Call 911 immediately if you experience:

• chest pain, discomfort, pressure or squeezing;

• unusual upper body pain or discomfort in both arms, the back, neck, jaw or upper stomach; or

• shortness of breath.

Women are somewhat more likely than men to experience other heart attack symptoms, including:

• shortness of breath,

• nausea,

• vomiting,

• unusual fatigue (which may be present for days), and

• unusual pain in the back, shoulders, and jaw.

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Minutes Matter!

Heart attack treatments work best when given within one hour of when your symptoms started.

• Within one hour: your risk of dying is cut in half

• Within three hours: your risk of dying is cut by 25 percent

Every 30 minutes you wait to get help could take one year off of your life!

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