Exercise your Mind and Body

Yoga for your mind and body besides being an effective stretching component of any fitness routine, yoga also offers a powerful mental workout that can help you beat stress, feel more in control of your life, and stay healthier. It starts with how you talk to yourself.

“One of the fundamental philosophies of yoga is that your body can only respond to what your mind tells you,” says Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T., a San Francisco yoga teacher and author of A Year of Living Your Yoga.

For example, if you see a coiled rope during a hike in the woods and you think it’s a snake, your body will react as if it’s real: Your heart will beat faster, and if you’re afraid of snakes, you may get the urge to run.

Fight or flight

Similarly, if you’re late for an appointment and tell yourself you’re stressed, you’ll help create the stress and its effects because you’re equating yourself with the feeling. Naturally, your body will go into emergency mode and activate the fight-or-flight response, which gets your adrenaline pumping, increases your heart rate and blood pressure, and diffuses your ability to concentrate.

To disengage from constant crisis mode, one of the most effective things you can do is distance yourself by stating how you feel as an observable fact.

“For example, instead of saying to yourself, ‘I’m stressed,’ say ‘I’m having a stressful thought’ or ‘I’m feeling stressed because I didn’t leave as much time as I would have liked to do this task.”

Yoga classes

Here is your chance to get started with a fresh and personalized wellness program in the new year! Increase your mental and physical health with Meriter’s Yoga Basics at Noon class starting January 19th. It is on Wednesdays from 11:45am to 12:30pm. The prepaid cost is $32 for 4 session or you can walk-in for $10.

Don’t worry about not being physically fit enough for yoga. Everyone can join in and obtain the benefits and understand “inner peace”. Please bring a mat or thick towel and dress comfortably. This class is reimbursable through Physicians Plus and Unity. Register today

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