Welcome Dr. David Daiga

The Meriter Medical Group would like to welcome David Daiga, MD to the Meriter Specialty Clinic. He is the third Neurologist on staff, joining Dr. Ross Levine and Dr. Stephanie Rothman.

Dr. Daiga was always drawn to the fields of science and medicine. During his residency, he found that neurology was both interesting and logical. The field blended his love of science and problem solving. Dr. Daiga’s medical specialty encompasses general neurology, including headaches, stroke/TIA, Parkinson’s disease, tremors and other movement disorders, epileptic seizures, multiple sclerosis, memory loss, spinal cord injury, and dizziness. He has a special interest in peripheral neurology, including neuropathy, myopathy, neuromuscular junction disorders (i.e. myasthenia gravis), and motorneuronopathy (i.e. ALS). 

Dr. Daiga’s patients find him to be both easy to work with and easy to understand thanks to his excellent communication skills, use of common terminology and ability to relay information to family members. He takes the time to listen to his patients and explain their condition until they thoroughly understand the diagnosis and treatment options. He cares for his patients both physically and also emotionally. He builds a relationship of open communications with his patients so they can mutually work towards a positive solution.

Please join Meriter in welcoming Dr. Daiga!

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