Are allergies bothering your family?

Jeremy Bufford, MD - Allergist & Immunologist

No matter the time of year, we can’t hide from allergens, both indoors and out.  The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American has ranked Madison the 12th worst city in the nation for those who suffer from allergies.  It’s that time of year for seasonal allergies to outdoor pollens and molds.  Indoor allergens are present year-round and include pets, dust mites, mice, other rodents, molds and cockroaches. Here are some tips to help your family manage seasonal and year-round allergies:

  1. See an allergist to identify your triggers/sensitivities through skin or blood testing.
  2. Limit activities in the early morning hours since pollen counts are usually higher between 5 and 10 AM. 
  3. Keep your windows closed and use your air conditioner, preferably with a good allergen filter.  Keep humidity below 45% in your home.
  4. Take a shower in the evening to rinse off pollens and regularly wash pets that spend time outdoors.
  5. Keep furred pets out of the bed and bedroom, or remove them from the home entirely. 
  6. Consider an air purifier with a HEPA filter in your bedroom.
  7. Encase pillows and mattresses in allergen-proof covers.
  8. Wash sheets in hot water and dry them on high at least weekly.  Don’t hang bed linens outside to dry.
  9. Vacuum carpet weekly and let air settle for at least 30 minutes before returning to the room, or better yet, replace carpet with hard surface flooring.
  10. Clean obviously moldy surfaces, fix any moisture problems, and maintain adequate ventilation.
  11. Keep kitchen clean and don’t leave food lying around.  Keep food in sealed containers.
  12. Use OTC antihistamines, allergy eye drops, and sinus rinses. Use prescription medications including nasal steroid sprays or antihistamine nasal sprays. Consider allergy shots or immunotherapy to reduce your sensitivity to environmental allergens.

For more information, visit the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology web site:

To schedule an allergy appointment for an adult or child, please contact any of the clinics below:
Meriter Monona: 417.3000
Meriter Deming Way (Middleton): 417.8388
Meriter DeForest-Windsor: 417.3300

Yours in good health,

Jeremy Bufford, MD
Allergist & Immunologist

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