My Meriter Story: Thank You for Our Great Care

My partner went to Meriter to have surgery with Dr. Rogerson. From the first person we met at check in, to the nurse or nursing assistant that helped us to the car, we felt like we were more than taken care of. I am impressed with the care that she got and that I got! Not only was everyone professional, respectful, and funny, but they all answered our questions. They included me in her care, and made sure that she was comfortable.

On a sheet that was sent home with us, it asked if there was anyone that we wanted to recognize. Yes, there is – everyone that we came in contact with us. From the woman that checked us in, to the woman I checked in with to wait for her to get out of surgery, to the surgeon, to the short stay nurse, the anesthesiologist, etc. I work in health care and I work at Dean Clinic. I have had many surgeries at St. Marys. Never have I been treated and cared for like she was, and never was she treated like I was while she waited for me to come out of surgery at St. Marys. Never has a doctor sat down with us after surgery and drew a picture of what he did, gave her a video of what he did, or answered all of her questions that she had. The staff that I have had at St. Marys did not include her in my care, or treat her with respect.

I will be telling everyone about Meriter, and I will be looking for a job with Meriter — a company that obviously strives on patient satisfaction and care. Thank you, Thank you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said!!! I’ve been a raving fan of Meriter since I’ve had a few surgeries as well, and our first encounter blew our minds. It is so refreshing to see care and attention given to the non-patient-making sure that person is also comfortable and checking to see if they need anything. The service and caring atmosphere, let alone the knowledge and experience – is head and shoulders above that of UW Hospital. I, the patient, felt I was in the best hands while I was prepping for surgery, in surgery and overnight(s), all the way to the valet shutting the car door behind me on the way home. Well done, Meriter, well done!!

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