My Meriter Story: My Hat is Off to Meriter!


My mother, who is 70 years old, fell and broke her wrist. She was taken to another hospital for her injury. She was not treated very well at this particular hospital and was told that she would have to wait a week to have the surgery. She was in so much pain and was disgruntled, so she called me to explain her frustration. When I heard this news, I called Meriter immediately that evening. Everyone at Meriter was so helpful and scheduled an appointment early the next morning for my mother. We met with Dr. Solfelt. He was so professional and provided us with his recommendations and a detailed step-by-step procedure of the operation. He then looked at his schedule and said he had a meeting in Chicago the next day, so he wanted to do the surgery right away in the evening before he went to Chicago. He also explained that he always wants to review the surgery the next day and it’s his practice to follow-up with his patients. His staff was so kind to my mom and our family. I want to thank the entire Meriter team for treating our entire family with a sincere caring attitude and making us feel so welcome. Dr. Solfelt also should be recognized for his tremendous efforts of going above and beyond to help my mom through a difficult situation.

My hat is off to Meriter!!!!

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