Patient Story – I’m Awestruck at the Kindness of Meriter’s Employees


I recently had my very first surgery, which I was nervous about. I am impressed with how my care was handled from beginning to end. Dr. McMurray initially referred me to the Digestive Health Center and from there to Meriter’s Specialty Clinic. I then had surgery, time in the hospital and had a recovery period. Throughout the entire process I knew I was in excellent hands.

Dr. Lepinsky put me at ease during the screening process. She then called me to let me know the results. She was very compassionate, asking if I had any questions and if I did to call her. She referred me to Dr. Mansfield at the Meriter Specialty Clinic.

I was immediately comfortable in the Specialty Clinic, thanks to the front desk staff and the nurses (especially Jessica!). I instantly liked Dr. Mansfield when I met him. He was very thorough in explaining everything to me. He answered all of my questions, even when I had thought of more and dropped them off (to which he replied the same day). He also calmed my nerves by joking with me and helping me feel comfortable and relaxed. He visited me in the hospital each day and assured me I was doing well.

All of the nurses and CNA’s in Tower 9 were wonderful, just as everyone I met during the process. I have never stayed in a hospital. The staff there took such good care of me (thank you Kara and Danny!) that my stay was not at all as I had thought it would be.

I would recommend Meriter and all of these physicians to anyone. I am so awestruck at the kindness of Meriter’s employees, the empathy and the care that is given. I have always been proud to be a Meriter employee and know it is a wonderful place to work. I am even more motivated to offer the patients the best care that I can give.

I did not have enough Earned Time to cover the time I would be off work recovering. My awesome co-workers donated their time to me!!! They told me that I had no choice, they were doing it. That relieved so much stress for me and I cannot thank them enough!!!

Thank you all again for the care that I received. Meriter has created a wonderful environment for both patients and employees.

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