My Meriter Story – I Cannot Thank Dr. Wilk Enough

I came to Meriter Hospital’s emergency department on March 12. My care from the very beginning couldn’t have been better. From the time I walked in the door until the time of discharge on Friday I was treated with kindness and respect. In the emergency room all the nurses were exceptional and the ER doctors were great. I was extremely anxious and they were so attentive to me. They¬†tried to be as helpful and positive as possible. I was diagnosed with 5 Pulmonary Embolisms. It was the scariest event I have ever personally endured. I am sure if you ask any of the nurses or staff they would probably remember my anxiety and panic. I was admitted to the Cardiac unit and all the staff up there were amazing and kind. I had many questions and was very anxious. They were always there for me and never made me feel like I was a bother! They listened and talked to me like they truly cared. Dr. Wilk was so awesome and I cannot thank her enough for just sitting with me. I appreciate everyone’s kindness during this stressful time and cannot thank the staff who worked with me enough for the great job they do every day! Thank you!

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