My Meriter Story: Thanks to the Doctors and Staff at Meriter, I Have a Healthy Baby


A patient’s story…

Meriter hospital was my home from February to May of 2011. I was transferred to the hospital due to an unexpected complication with my pregnancy. I was told from 20 weeks up until almost the day I delivered at 36 weeks that my baby may not make it, and if she did make it, she could face major health issues because of delivering pre-term.

Those three months were some of the hardest months I had ever faced, and without a doubt, i would NOT have made it without the staff at Meriter hospital! Every single person I came in contact with while I was there has impacted my life so much — I can’t thank them enough! I work in healthcare and I have NEVER met such devoted, compassionate and caring doctors and nurses in my life! I would like to thank every doctor, resident, nurse, NA, and staff member that cared for me and helped me through such a tough time in my life! Because of you, my healthy, now 1 year old daughter, made it into this world at 36 weeks and as healthy as can be. I can’t think of a happier ending, and I have the OB/Neonatal staff of Meriter to thank for that!

Keep doing what you do because you are not only doing your job, you are touching the lives of your patients in such a positive way!!

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