A Patient’s Story – From Being a Caregiver to Receiving Care


As a 10+ year employee of Meriter, I have seen our standards of care from the caregiver side. Recently, I was able to experience the receiving side of things.

My four year old son had tubes put in his ears and had his adenoids removed. The nurse in me was fine, but the mom side was very nervous! I spoke to Dr. Lagman prior to the surgery, and as always, he made me feel at ease! The pre-op, OR, and PACU staff of Catherine, Claire, and Wendy, did a fabulous job of easing a mother who “knows too much”, and a father who is very far removed from the medical world. Dr. McDonald was great to work with, as was the rest of the OR staff whose names I did not get! Even something so simple as Linda, who transported my son from PACU, helped us all laugh a little.

My son barely remembers any of the experience, but I know overall he sees it as positive. He knew all along that “Mommy’s friends” would be taking care of him, and indeed they did. Thank you!

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