Meriter Welcomes Dr. Kenneth Foster

The Meriter Medical Group is very pleased to welcome a new General Surgeon, Kenneth Foster, MD, MBA, FACS, CPE, to the Meriter Specialty Clinic.

Kenneth Foster, MD, MBA, FACS, CPE
General Surgeon
Meriter Specialty Clinic
202 S. Park Street, Madison, WI 53715
Phone: 608.417.5454

“I strive to develop and maintain a working partnership with my patients. Together we tailor a treatment plan to best suit the wants, needs and expectations of each individual and their families.”

Medical Philosophy:
Dr. Foster believes in forming a team for the best possible outcome for his patients. The team includes the patient, their primary care provider as well as their support network during recovery. His patients benefit from how well he listens to their symptoms and presents their treatment options. Ultimately the patient decides the best option for their individual situation. Dr. Foster enjoys how surgery positively improves his patients’ quality of life.

Medical Interests:
The general surgery specialty requires a wide-range of expertise. Dr. Foster was drawn to this demanding field because of the broad spectrum of patients which makes each day unique. He is pleased to help with all manner of surgical issues including those of the breast, thyroid, skin, stomach, gallbladder, small intestine, and colon as well as all sorts of hernias. His patients benefit from minimally invasive surgical techniques that allow them to recover faster.

Personal Interests:
Outside of work, Dr. Foster enjoys sports, landscaping and fishing.

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