Patient Story – I’m Thankful for a Prompt Diagnosis


A patient’s story…

I recently started working at Meriter and decided to take my son to a Meriter pediatrician. I selected Dr. George Idarraga. At the first visit, Dr. George picked up on an abnormality in one of my 9 month old’s eyes. He got us a prompt referral to a pediatric ophthalmologist who did confirm that my son had a vision problem is one of his eyes. The ophthalmologist was extremely impressed that Dr. George was able to recognize that my son could have a problem. No pediatrician who had examined my son prior to Dr. George noticed this.

With glasses and some eye patching at this young of an age, my son will likely have normal eye development. Without this prompt diagnosis, it may not have been able to be corrected. I want to thank Dr. George for being so thorough in his examination of my son. I recommend him to everyone I know looking for a pediatrician!
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