Welcome New Physicians: Dr. Winter and Dr. Carimi


Meriter Medical Group would like to welcome two new primary care physicians, Sanford Carimi, MD, and Jennifer Winter, MD.

Jennifer Winter, MD

Dr. Winter, Meriter DeForest-Windsor

Dr. Winter is an internal medicine and pediatrics physician and is practicing at the Meriter DeForest-Windsor clinic. She enjoys the aspects of caring for entire families and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the family dynamic. Although Dr. Winter enjoys seeing all patients, she has special interests in women’s care and preventive care.

Sanford Carimi, MD

Dr. Carimi, Meriter Monona

Dr. Carimi is an internal medicine physician and lipidologist, practicing at Meriter Monona. As a primary care physician, Dr. Carimi believes his role is as a consultant and educator, and he’s most interested in how he can work closely with his patients to encourage them to make healthy lifestyle decisions. As a Board Certified Clinical Lipidologist, Dr. Carimi is a cholesterol (lipid) expert particularly interested in preventive cardiovascular disease.

Both physicians are accepting new patient appointments. If you would be interested in transferring your care to either physician and have Physicians Plus insurance, click here. Otherwise you are welcome to call the clinic for assistance, and we will gladly help you through the process.

Meriter DeForest-Windsor: 417.3300
Meriter Monona: 417.3000

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